at your own pace

Do you want to free yourself from anxiety, depression and low self esteem and reconnect to your authentic self and limitless potential?


Hypnotherapy can be done in person and via zoom

Specialising in helping resolve emotional problems such as anxiety, depression, anger and low self esteem.

1st Session $200

Subsequent sessions - $150

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code uses muscle testing (like kinesiology) to tap into the subconscious and find and release trapped emotions from the past.

This is a very simple and non invasive method.​

1 Session $80

Bush Flower Essences

Australian Bush Flower essences are vibrational essences that work on the subtle energy field of the body, clearing the emotional, mental and spiritual conditions we hold onto. They help shift negative emotions and thought patterns bringing about harmony and balance. 



Remedial massage with health fund rebates, 

Hot stone massage

Dry Needling


$88 per hour

$122 for 90 minutes

soul healing journeys

Are you ready to make some really big changes to your life?

Do you want to break free of emotions and beliefs that are holding you back from happiness and peace?


These journeys are custom tailored to you to your needs and include:


- Hypnotherapy

- Hypnocoaching

- Emotion code

- Massage/hot stone massage

- Flower essences


4 week journey

1 session per week



8 week journey

1 session per week



a journey for "you", 
see & feel the effects of your healing 
change your life & the world you live in

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8 week Soul Journey


Totally transform your life with this 8 week intensive journey into your inner world. Are you ready to walk your path of purpose, love and peace?

On this journey we dig deep to uncover the pain and fear that is keeping you stuck, anxious, unhappy and self sabotaging and take you down the path into healing, happiness and positive confidence. You will also gain clarity on your path, heal relationships and learn what your soul life lessons and purpose are.


This journey includes: 


Hypnotherapy - to heal this lifetime

Past life regression - to understand our karma and life lessons and heal trauma brought from past lifetimes into this lifetime.

Emotion code - to heal trapped emotions

Flower essences to support your journey

Massage to release all tension and pain from the body

Self hypnosis recordings to listen to at home

Unlimited email and message/txt support

Weekly homework and tools to help you on your journey

Past Life Regression


These sessions are very powerful and deeply healing. Heal emotions and fears you have brought from past lifetimes into this lifetime.

Understand and heal Karma, discover if members of your current family are members of your soul family. Learn what your life lessons and life purpose is for this lifetime.      



Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss


Have you tried everything to lose weight and nothing has worked? Have you been on every diet and they have worked for a while then you have gained the weight back on again? Behind weight gain there is usually an emotion. So many of us emotional eat when we are stressed or upset, or use food as a reward. Quite often it can be an issue with low self esteem or using weight as an energetic protection. 

In my weight loss sessions we get to the reason for the overeating and heal it for good so you are able to lose weight and keep it off for good and bring in a new perspective and healthy changes. This will also radiate out into every other area of your life making you feel more confident and have a new joy for life.



Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking


Have you tried to stop smoking only to go back as soon as you get stressed or life gets challenging? Are you starting to worry about the effects smoking is having on your health and life?


If you are ready to quit for good I can help you. In these sessions we communicate with the subconscious mind to reprogram your habits and thoughts about smoking. We also look at the emotions that make you want to smoke such as anxiety and heal it at the root cause. If you are ready to break free from smoking and improve your health I will help you become a non-smoker rather than an ex-smoker. 

Please be aware that these sessions are for people who really want to quit smoking.

It is not for you if you think you "should" give up smoking but deep down don't really want to quit

or still enjoy smoking.

Healing for horse and human

horse and rider packages

Hypnotherapy for you, Emotion code for your horse


The Emotion code for horses - Horses can go through many trauma's and negative experiences in their life times which like us can become stuck in their body and nervous systems. When triggered these emotions can cause explosive behaviours, or behaviours such as anxiety, fears and bolting. 

As horses can't talk and tell us how they feel the emotion code is a very effective way to tap into their subconscious and heal the trauma. These sessions can be done in person or via distance.


Hypnotherapy for horse riders

These sessions are to help you gain confidence around your horse - whether it be riding confidence or on the ground. These sessions are ideal if you have lost confidence after a fall or accident or are returning to riding after a break.

taking the first step is the all you 

have to do


A distance session testimonial from a Client in the US after one session on her horse Tarzan:

"Hi Anna, I wanted to tell you that Tarzan has been a different horse since you did the clearing on him. It took a few weeks, but suddenly he has completely calmed down. He's been great since November. I had been dealing with his deteriorating emotional issues for years. Suddenly he was so much better and has not had a set-back yet! I didn't put it together with you at first, I was just so amazed at his sudden transformation, and I kept thinking about all the changes I had made, but nothing really added up. Then recently I found the receipt from my payment to you and was reminded of the date compared to the timing of his improvement. I'm still sure that he did still need the magnesium supplement, but we have been able to back off the dosage and still working on backing if off more. So, I just had to write to you to tell you that what you did was the icing on he cake that he needed. I wasn't really sure if it would help but I'm a believer now! Thank you"